Tiles and grout cleaning in your office: What you need to know

Tiles and grout cleaning

Office floors see far more wear and collect more dirt and stains than those in residential homes. For this reason one needs to apply considerably more care in order to maintain both cleanliness and an impressive appearance: the tiles need to hold their sheen and the grout should be stain-free. Prevention is the practical answer, and two types of specialised cleaning should be adhered to strictly, quite apart from the daily one: a once-weekly one, and a more rigorous one at least four times a year.

The easiest and fastest option is to employ the services of a reputed cleaning service to remove heavy stains and stubborn blemishes with the appropriate heavy-duty cleaning machines. If you feel your office is sufficiently small to tackle yourself, follow these useful tips for the best results. Take the following into consideration before you begin: the square area to be cleaned, the type of tile, whether the grout is cement grout or epoxy grout, and whether it has been sealed.

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