We clean all surfaces


Clean and, hygienic carpets are very important in a business, residence or educational space.  With our revolutionary technology and water wise method, we can now clean them in an efficient and resourceful manner. Your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned, vibrant in colour and dry within minutes.

  • The formula uses very little water, which ensures that the carpets are dry and mildew-free.
  • Wet carpets present a safety and hygienic hazard in public or commercial spaces. Longer drying times also present health issues.
  • Luckily, with of our new technology and equipment, you your office space will be clean, functional and dry..
  • Traditional methods of industrial cleaning leave a lot to be desired, however, our revolutionary offer will make this necessary task a pleasure, once you see the excellent results it can accomplish.
  • The use of our low-moisture system will lead to a better air quality and a fresher indoor environment in your office or home space.


Concrete holds a lot of dirt in its pores, and usually takes a lot of time, harsh chemicals and an abundance of water to clean. In the situation of a water shortage, cleaning large concrete surfaces can become a real problem – it takes a lot of water, a lot of chemicals and a ton of energy.

  • What we present is the best solution on the market, a method to clean concrete surfaces in a fast, thorough and easy manner.
  • Our specialised brushes make it possible to use very small amounts of water and non-toxic chemicals, while accomplishing amazing results.
  • This low-moisture machine guarantees quality and shiny, safe floors.


Tiles and grout can present a true challenge for industrial-type cleaning machines. They scratch the gentle surface, and use far too much water and chemicals in the process. In the end, you are left with poor quality results that can even present a danger to the public and environment, along with a dent in your  budget.

  • The revolutionary engineering technology behind our machines ensures that grime and layers of dirt on your tiles are cleaned without the excessive use of water or cleaning chemicals.
  • Soft, fast and effective brushes will not scratch the floors, but instead clean every last bit of dirt hidden in the crevices.